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A casualty is an individual who has suffered death or injury as a result of a crash.

It is not at all uncommon for a single crash to result in more than one casualty. Because of this, the total numbers of crashes and casualties cannot be expected to be the same. When reporting statistics, great care should be taken to distinguish between numbers of incidents which occurred (as in reports created under the Crashes heading on the Select Report page) and the number of people injured as a result (as in reports created under the Casualties heading on the Select Report page).



STATS19 records certain key features of all casualties associated with each crash, including:

  1. The severity of the injury
  2. Personal details about the casualty, including gender and age
  3. How the casualty came to be involved in the crash, including
    1. Which vehicle accounted for the casualty's involvement
    2. What the casualty had to do with that vehicle (known as the casualty class)

Casualties in MAST

A count of casualties is available as a measure in MAST reports which are based on the Casualties data cube. These reports can include a wide range of dimensions.

Socio-demographic information about casualties

Postcodes of casualties are also recorded by STATS19. This makes it possible to analyse the socio-demographic profiles of communities in which casualties reside. MAST uses casualty postcodes to link to the Acorn profiling system, and enable insight into the provenance of groups who are most at risk of involvement in crashes.

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