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Casualty Attributed Contributory Factor Dimensions

The following tables shows the contributory factor dimensions available in the Casualties cube in MAST Professional. Links to the definitions are provided.

There are two types of contributory factors in Casualties. There are 40 contributory factor dimensions where a CF was attributed to a specific passenger or a pedestrian casualty. There are an additional 11 dimensions which indicate the involvement of selected CFs by any party or parties involved in the crash. These are distinguished by the dimension names, which clearly specify that they are crash related.

Casualty Attributed Contributory Factors

Contributory Factor dimensions in Casualties
CF STATS20 ID STATS20 Name Dimension Names
101 Poor or Defective Road Surface Casualty Attributed CF 101 RoadSurfacePoor
102 Deposit on road (eg. oil, mud, chippings) Casualty Attributed CF 102 RoadSurfaceDeposit
103 103 Slippery road (due to weather) Casualty Attributed CF 103 RoadSurfaceSlippery
104 Inadequate or masked signs or road markings Casualty Attributed CF 104 RoadFurnitureMasked
105 Defective traffic signals Casualty Attributed CF 105 RoadFurnitureDefect
106 Traffic calming (eg. speed cushions, road humps, chicanes)) Casualty Attributed CF 106 RoadFurnitureCalmingg
107 Temporary road layout (eg. contraflow Casualty Attributed CF 107 RoadTempLayout
108 Road layout (eg. bend, hill, narrow carriageway Casualty Attributed CF 108 RoadLayout
109 Animal or object in carriagway Casualty Attributed CF 109 RoadTempObstruction
110 Slippery inspection cover or road marking Casualty Attributed CF 110 RoadMarkingSlippery
501 Impaired by alcohol Casualty Attributed CF 501 IntoxDrink
502 Impaired by drugs (illicit or medicinal) Casualty Attributed CF 502 IntoxDrugs
503 Fatigue Casualty Attributed CF 503 Fatigue
504 Uncorrected, defective eyesight Casualty Attributed CF 504 UnfitEyes
505 Illness or disability, mental or physical Casualty Attributed CF 505 UnfitIll
701 Stationary or parked vehicle(s) Casualty Attributed CF 701 ObstacleParked
702 Vegetation Casualty Attributed CF 702 ObstacleVeg
703 Road layout (eg. bend, winding road, hill crest) Casualty Attributed CF 703 EnvironmentRoad
704 Buildings, road signs, street furniture Casualty Attributed CF 704 EnvironmentOther
705 Dazzling headlights Casualty Attributed CF 705 Headlights
706 Dazzling sun Casualty Attributed CF 706 WeatherSun
707 Rain, sleet, snow or fog Casualty Attributed CF 707 WeatherRain
708 Spray from other vehicles Casualty Attributed CF 708 WeatherSpray
709 Visor or windscreen dirty, scratched or frosted etc. Casualty Attributed CF 709 VehicleWScreen
710 Vehicle blind spot Casualty Attributed CF 710 VehicleBlind
801 Crossing road masked by stationary or parked vehicle Casualty Attributed CF 801 PedObstacle
802 Failed to look properly Casualty Attributed CF 802 PedObservationLook
803 Failed to judge vehicle's path or speed Casualty Attributed CF 803 PedObservationJudge
804 Wrong use of pedestrian crossing facility Casualty Attributed CF 804 PedPavementCrossing
805 Dangerous action in carriageway (eg. playing) Casualty Attributed CF 805 PedUnsafeDangerous
806 Impaired by alcohol Casualty Attributed CF 806 PedIntoxDrink
807 Impaired by drugs (illicit or medicinal) Casualty Attributed CF 807 PedIntoxDrugs
808 Careless, reckless or in a hurry Casualty Attributed CF 808 PedUnsafeCareless
809 Pedestrian wearing dark clothing at night Casualty Attributed CF 809 PedNight
810 Disability or illness, mental or physical Casualty Attributed CF 810 PedUnfit
901 Stolen vehicle Casualty Attributed CF 901 VehCrimeStolen
902 Vehicle in course of crime Casualty Attributed CF 902 VehCrimeInCourse
903 Emergency vehicle on a call Casualty Attributed CF 903 VehEmergency
904 Vehicle door opened or closed negligently Casualty Attributed CF 904 VehDoor
999 Other - please specify below Casualty Attributed CF 999 Other

Crash Related Contributory Factors in the Casualties cube

These dimensions make it possible to identify all casualties which resulted from a crash in which any involved party had the relevant CF attributed to them. Consequently, results from filtering with this dimension will include individual casualties to whom CFs were not personally attributed.

For instance, filtering for Yes with the dimension Crash Involved Driver CF 501 DriverIntoxDrink returns all casualties in crashes which involved an intoxicated driver in any way in the attending officer's opinion: it does not only return intoxicated driver casualties, nor is it necessarily limited to casualties whose personal injuries were directly attributable to the actions of an intoxicated driver.

Contributory Factor dimensions in Casualties
CF STATS20 ID STATS20 Name Dimension Names
301 Disobeyed automatic traffic signal Crash Involved CF 301 DriverDisobeyATS
302 Disobeyed "Give Way" or "Stop" sign or markings Crash Involved CF 302 DriverDisobeyGway
306 Exceeding speed limit Crash Involved CF 306 DriverSpeedLimit
307 Travelling too fast for conditions Crash Involved CF 307 DriverSpeedConds
405 Failed to look properly Crash Involved CF 405 DriverObservationLook
406 Failed to judge other person's path or speed Crash Involved CF 406 DriverObservationJudge
601 Aggressive driving Crash Involved CF 601 DriverUnsafeAggression
602 Careless, reckless or in a hurry Crash Involved CF 602 DriverUnsafeCareless
605 Learner or inexperienced driver/rider Crash Involved CF 605 DriverUnsureLearner
501 Impaired by alcohol Crash Involved Driver CF 501 DriverIntoxDrink
503 Fatigue Crash Involved Driver CF 503 DriverFatigue
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