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Casualty Class is an item of information recorded in STATS19 which specifies how an injured person came to be involved in a crash.

The possible casualty classes identified in STATS20 are:

  1. Driver or rider (a person in control of any engine, pedal or animal powered vehicle involved in the crash)
  2. Vehicle or pillion passenger (a person who is in, on, or in the act of alighting from such a vehicle, but is not in control of it)
  3. Pedestrian (any other person, including those using roller skates and similar, and children in prams or riding toys on the footpath)

The MAST Clasualty Class dimension groups vehicle occupants (casualty classes 1 and 2) together, and shows group 3 separately:

  • InVehicle
    • Driver
    • Passenger
  • Pedestrian
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