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A data cube is a highly efficient method of storing processed information in a computer database.

Data cubes are created by aggregating large amounts of raw data into summarised results, and cannot contain individual records. For this reason their contents are effectively 'anonymised', and data cubes cannot be used to look up information about individual incidents or persons.

Data cubes consist of a structure made up of dimensions, and many individual items of data stored in measures within the structure. Because of this structure, any report based on a data cube cannot contain double counting.

MAST data cubes

MAST Online is based on several data cubes, each of which contains a set of related measures. Each data cube corresponds to a main heading on the Select Report page.

The cubes and the useful measures they contain are:

  • Population
    • Sum of population

The measures and cubes which are available to each user depends on their individual level of access.

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