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A driver is a person who was in control of a vehicle at the moment when it became involved in a crash. In STATS19 data, vehicles include those which are pedal or animal powered. Consequently this term generally includes riders of pedal cycles and horses, as well as motorcycle riders.

Because information about drivers and riders is stored as part of a vehicle record, reports which relate to them typically use the the Vehicles Measure. Drivers who suffered an injury as a result of a crash are also seperately recorded as casualties, distinguished from other casualties by the Driver casualty class.

People who are in, on, or in the act of alighting from a vehicle at the time of a crash, but are not in control of it, are considered to be passengers rather than drivers. A pedestrian using roller skates or similar, and children in prams or riding toys on the footpath, are also not considered to be drivers.

STATS19 returns include information about drivers in the vehicle records associated with each crash. This includes Gender, Age and Postcode data. The drvier postcode recorded by STATS19 is used to derive the location where drivers reside, as shown in the Driver Home dimension.

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