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A measure is an array of numbers which provide useful information to users.

Measures are created by summarising raw data to conform to dimensions. When measures have been processed in this way, they provide users with information in a very efficient manner. Processed measures are stored in data cubes.


Measures in MAST

In MAST, a separate data cube is used to store each variety of commonly used road safety and demographic information. Some cubes contains more than one useful measure.

The cubes and the useful measures they contain are listed here.

Changing the measure

To change which measure is displayed in a report:

  1. Click the Series (Columns) tab
  2. Click the Measures button
  3. Clear the check box for the current measure
  4. Select the Check box for the desired measure
  5. Click OK


  • It is generally advisable to have only one measure selected at a time
  • Only the measures listed above are likely to provide meaningful results
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