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The term vehicle refers to any means of transport involved in a crash, whether powered by engine, pedal or animal.


In STATS19 reporting, any record relating to an attended vehicle includes the Vehicle Type, and details of the driver or rider who was in control of it at the time of the crash. It is also related to details of any passenger in that vehicle who was a casualty of the crash, and any pedestrian who became a casualty as a result of collision with it.

STATS19 vehicles do not include roller skates, prams, children riding toys on the footpath and other similar items. The term does cover all other means of transport, including motorcycles, pedal cycles, mopeds, ridden horses, animal drawn carts, self propelled invalid carriages, tractors, trams, quad bikes, tanks, and street barrows.

Vehicles in MAST

A count of vehicles is available as a measure in MAST reports. Because information about drivers and riders is stored as part of a vehicle record, reports which relate to them also typically use the the Vehicles Measure. These reports can include a wide range of dimensions.

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