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The MAST User Forum is the best place to go if you have any issues concerned with MAST which you would like to share with other users or the MAST Project Team.


Accessing the MAST Forum

  1. Click the MAST User Forum link in the top right corner of the screen (NOTE: the Forum link is visible on both the Select Report page and the Edit Report page)
  2. Under LOGIN * REGISTER, enter your MAST username and password in the text boxes
  3. If you are using a computer which is generally used only by yourself, you may choose to check the Log me on automatically each visit box
  4. Click the Login button - you will see a message confirming that you have successfully logged on
  5. Click the Return to the index page link to begin posting

Forum Rules and Ettiquette

Please open the Welcome to Road Safety Analysis forum and read the topic entitled A big Hello from the MAST Project Team before you post for the first time.

You can then open the Who are you topic and make your first post.

Asking for Help in the MAST Forum

If you would like to ask questions about how to use MAST, then the appropriate place to post your question is in the Using MAST Reports forum.

Please read the Want some help? Read this first topic before posting here for the first time.

You should also check the A to Z Index and read the Introduction to reports page before posting, as your question may be answered by the contents of this Wiki.

You may also find it helpful to try out some examples of MAST reports.

Browser windows and the Forum

If you have a browser which supports tabs, it is possible to configure your browser to open the Forum in a new tab rather than a new window.

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